What time do you begin snow removal?

Sierra Tahoe Snow Removal will begin snow removal operations when snowfall reaches a depth of approximately 3”. We operate day & night; therefore, each run is storm dependant so we cannot guarantee an exact time of clearing. We provide one clearing every 24 hours.  Start times may vary depending on current conditions and weather predictions.

How close do you get to garage door?

In most cases, our small tractors can safely maneuver within 6”- 12" inches of your garage door, car, stairs and/or entry. Our operators will remove snow from around these areas to the best of their abilities. Some snow may be left in front of garage doors, stairs, vehicles etc.

Are your prices competitive?

We will strive to create a seasonal rate that will beat your current provider’s fee.

We also offer FREE snow guide installation, maintenance, and removal of our new fiberglass snow stakes.

Do I need to protect my property from your equipment?

No. That's the advantage of HOLDER and Toolcat snow blowers. Sierra Tahoe Snow Removal will evenly disperse snow across your property, eliminating property damage.

Can lightweight, Holder & Toolcat snow blowers handle Tahoe’s snow conditions?

Yes. For years, snow blower-based snow removal companies have operated effectively throughout Truckee-Tahoe communities, Wet snowfall and steep technical driveways make it probably the most difficult environment for snow removal in the country. We have found that our lightweight tractors to be incredibly maneuverable and effective machines.

What is your policy on berm removal?

It is impossible to coordinate our residential snow removal routes with the municipal plowing crews. We will return to remove berms.

 Should I wait for my driveway to be cleared before trying to get out? Will driving over the snow turn it to ice?

Waiting is not necessary. Driving over the snow doesn't necessarily create ice, but merely packs the snow. Our HOLDER and Toolcat snow blowers are fitted with a low-impact cutting edge designed to peel up packed snow. Feel free to drive over any snow in your driveway.

How soon should I sign up for snow removal?

Your early commitment is greatly appreciated and will allow us to begin estimating equipment, supplies and personnel for the upcoming winter season.


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