Snow Removal Services

Professional Snow Removal Benefits

Our snow blower based snow removal is a low impact, aesthetically pleasing method of snow removal. We use tractors manufacture by Holder and Toolcat with front-mounted snow blowers. Our snow blowers leave clean driveway edges and flat, evenly dispersed snow throughout your yard. It is unquestionably more driveway friendly than the scrape-and-drag method used in the past. Our lightweight equipment will not crack or crush your driveway and will save you thousands of dollars on snow removal related driveway repairs and maintenance. Our operators are extensively trained and knowledgeable of all equipment. They have experience operating in the harsh Tahoe winters and have a focus on safety and timeliness.
We also have multiple sizes of front-end loaders for small and large commercial properties for your parking lot and business needs. Please contact us for any commercial snow removal needs.

Another big reason to hire a snow removal service comes about when you own rental properties. Whether it is an apartment complex or a few houses around town, having a professional snow removal service working for you will ensure that your tenants are happy and safe.

With guests coming and going frequently throughout the season, hiring a snow removal service would be worth your investment. It will make your life easier and provide you with more time to spend with loved ones. Especially if you're expecting visitors who are elderly or who have very small children, removing snow and ice from your property will make their stay a safer one.

  1. Seasonal Contract Option-

Seasonal Contracts run from October 1st through April 15th. Our Seasonal Contract gives you the ease of paying, in full, for the entire upcoming winter season with the guarantee of reliable service.  This fee is for unlimited visits throughout the contracted season. We will install/remove fiberglass snow guides free of charge.

  1. Per-Visit Contract Option-

We determine a “per-visit” price by size and difficulty of your driveway. By choosing this option, you are agreeing to pay for service each time we do our normal route. “Per-visit” is NOT an on-call service. We automatically clear your driveway along with our seasonal clients. Payments are made monthly based on amount of visits during prior month. Invoices will be sent on the 1st of each month to your primary

e-mail. We will install/remove fiberglass snow guides free of charge.

Shoveling garage doors, walkways, stairs and decks

Sierra Tahoe Snow Removal focuses on driveway and parking lot snow removal only. However, we can provide you with a reputable contractor who can provide these services. Please contact us for further info.

Commercial properties-

Please contact us for commercial rates and equipment used

On Call Services-

On-Call driveway and parking lot snow removal starts at $125, depending on snow depth. Arrangements of 72 hours are required.